5State Interview: Edwards Talks Recruitment, Findlay Prep and Game

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One of the most versatile prospects in the 5state region and in the country, Keon Edwards has an immense amount of potential to becoming a prime-time player in the upcoming years. Edwards talks to the staff on various topics as he reminisces on his development throughout the years, recruitment and what's ahead.  

On the recruitment realm, Baylor, UT, Texas A&M, LSU, Houston, Virginia Tech, California, TCU, VCU, Detroit have offered Keon as he has taken visits to UT, Houston, Virginia Tech, TCU & LSU. Edwards tells 5state UofH and LSU have been pursuing him the hardest


"Mainly because they are in the city. The coaches do a good job staying touch with my parents. Both Kellen Sampson (Assistant Coach) and Kelvin Sampson (Head Coach) have came to watch our practice. Recently they haven't been able to because they are in the middle of their season but they still do a great job keeping in contact with my family and inviting me to come out to games."

Edwards has been on three unofficial visits with the Coogs, catching the home opener against Oregon, the tight tilt versus St. Louis and he was at the matchup vs Coppin State this Sunday. Houston is having one of their best starts in school history, currently 12-0 on the season and ranked 21st in the national polls. 

"It definitely has given me a greater appreciation of the school. Houston really intrigues me and watching them play has allowed me to see how the coaches operate and work with their players. So it's been a good thing for sure in regards to my recruitment."


(Assistant Coach) Tony Benford talks to my parents. He came to my school a couple of weeks ago to watch my team practice," Edwards said. "We have a great relationship with LSU and they see me as a versatile wing that can play multiple positions for them. They have taken players like me in the past and those guys have been successful."

LSU has a rich history of players from the program reaching the NBA (40 in total, 4 currently according to realgm.com) with Ben Simmons, Garrett Temple to Hall of Famer such as Shaq, Bob Petit & Pete Maravich.

"They have guys currently that could be one and done guys like Naz Reid and I know they do a good job developing their guys to get in the league (NBA). Honestly another reason I'm very intrigued with LSU is their great fan support. When we went on a visit, they had open practice and for the fans to pack an arena for a practice was real cool. I could see myself playing there."

Carl Edwards

Edwards father, Carl Edwards talked to us about the importance of schools staying in contact and making them feel as if Keon is a priority. 

"I told him (Keon) at the end of the day, the schools that you are going to be more drawn to when it comes down to making a decision are the ones that have shown the most love from the beginning to end. LSU and UofH are the ones that have shown the strongest of interest so far," Carl Edwards said.

Virginia Tech Experience

"We enjoyed our time at Virginia Tech. (Head Coach) Buzz Williams is a straightforward guy and you can tell the players reflect his personality. When Keon was playing pickup with some of the guys, he made a three pointer and after that this guy came in and made sure Keon didn't score anymore. That's just the personality of the players over there, they are just goons," Carl Edwards said.

West Coast, Tim Hardaway and Kick Ball

The Edward's were in LA during the summer and Keon had the chance to play against a couple of current NBA players. His encounter with current New York Knickerbocker Tim Hardaway was definitely an experience.

"We went to an open gym in LA where these pros come to workout in. Blake Griffin was there, Tim Hardaway Jr. was also there. Keon was on opposite teams and he scored a few times in a row on Tim. There was a situation where they had to check the ball up and the ball rolled to Hardaway; well Tim kicked it to Keon and Keon kicked right back to him. Neither of them wanted to pick the ball up so they kicked it back and forth to each other," Carl Edwards said.  

"I can't repeat what he told me but he was mad at me. I'm a competitor too and I feel that I can play with anybody on the court and I'm not going to back-down," Keon said"

Change in Scenery

Edwards told 5state that he will be transferring from Sam Rayburn High School to Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, Nevada as he will play the second half of the year with the Pilots. 

"I just feel like I needed a change. I'm excited to be going to a school where they are focused on basketball and making me better as a player. After they finish with classes and school they are immediately in the gym working out. They make sure that the players are getting a workout during breaks in school and that's just a place I want to be in."

Keon talks about where he sees he can make an impact.

"I feel like I'll be a player that coach can count on and make plays. Either that's on the offensive or defensive end. That's all I want to be at the end of a day is an impact player for the team and in the environment over there will allow me to grow and become the player I ultimately want to be."

A Reflection of The Process

Edwards has gained recognition from his play in the past two years which has landed him spots in multiple City, Regional & National outlets. 

'I don't pay attention to all of that. I just try to go to the gym and continue to get better,'' Edwards said.  "I'm aware of it but I look to get better every day. I just love the game and want be the best player I can. I'm nowhere near a finished product."

The very first time one of our staff members witness Keon was at a small camp in Sam Rayburn High School in 2015 while the lanky prospect was in 7th grade. Goofy, awkward in his movements but there was flashes of promise. 

"I go back to that period and thankful for my parents. I needed a lot of work, still do but they motivated me to keep staying in the gym. A lot of that was going through the transition from being a forward to gaining a skillset like a guard and it wasn't easy but I was determined to get better.


Keon has the tools of becoming a can't miss prospect. Still will need to make strides as a playmaker and consistency but Edwards play and upside has kept him in the conversation as one of the top players in the region. 


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